Understanding Your Skin



complexions type


cleansing for normal skinCleansing:

For Normal Skin: Use a creamy liquid or cream cleanser, a water-soluble cleanser or gentle soap.
For Dry Skin
Use a cream cleaner, a very rich liquid cleaner, or a moisturizing,nonperfumed soup, but rinse off thoroughly.
For Oily or Combination Skin:
Use a light lotion or a milk cleaner: treat severe skin cruptions with a medicated liquid cleaner.
Sensitive Skin:
Use a hypoallergenic cleanser that is free of possible irritation or allergic suntances. Avoid using soap, which can strip away the skin's protective layer and so make it more sensitive.

skin care Skin care tips

Tip: Normal skin needs just as much attention as dry, oily, or sensitive skin, especially if exposed to extremes of temperature. Caution: Be careful to use products that have a tendency to dry out the skin, such as toners with a high alcohol content.
Tip: Pay particular attention to moisturizing, especially the delicate skin around your eyes.


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