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Pakistani fashion - pakistani modelPakistani models battle it out - BBC
"Pakistan's fashion models are slowly managing to crawl on to international catwalks and into overseas magazines. But hidden behind the kohl-rimmed eyes and the perfectly plastered smiles are women who are paying a heavy price for stepping into designer stilettos. "We remain a conservative society, for our religion imposes certain restrictions on us that continue to be respected by the vast majority of our people," she Amina Shafat. "Modelling is still associated with women of loose character and no matter what limits you try to impose on yourself, you inevitably end up being slotted in the same category. "

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skin cleansing

Cleansing, Makeup And Skin Care

For Normal Skin: Use a creamy liquid or cream cleanser, a water-soluble cleanser or gentle soap.
For Dry Skin
Use a cream cleaner, a very rich liquid cleaner, or a moisturizing,nonperfumed soup, but rinse off thoroughly.
For Oily or Combination Skin:
Use a light lotion or a milk cleaner: treat severe skin cruptions with a medicated liquid cleaner.
Sensitive Skin:
Use a hypoallergenic cleanser that is free of possible irritation or allergic suntances. Avoid using soap, which can strip away the skin's protective layer and so make it more sensitive.
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Applying lipstick and Lip liner

Lipstick adds the finishing touch to the makeup.It should help unite the other colors you have used and really bring your face alive. However, if it is badly applied, it will look clumsy and unsubtle. The answer is to use a lip liner to give lips a neat, defined edge, and to build up the color using a lip brush. more

 Effects for Lips

  Make thin lips looks fuller and accentuate their shape by outlining just outside their natural edge with a lip liner. Brush on a lip color inside the line you have drawn.
Aviod using very matte colors as these can make lips look even thinner; slightly glossy colors will make lips look fuller.
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Top fashion designer Michael Kors

Born: Long Island, New York, 9 August 1959. Education: Studied fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, 1977. Career: Sales assistant at Lothar’s boutique, New York, 1977–78 (while studying at FIT). Perhaps the best summary of Michael Kors was offered by Woody Hochswender of the New York Times in November 1988 when he said, “Mr. Kors showed that simple doesn’t have to be zero.” Kors has been a minimalist working within a sportswear tradition. In this, he has perpetuated and advanced ideas of Halston, including strong sexuality. Read More

pakistani fashion - history of fashion Fashions in Pakistan

The fashion business is one of the most imaginative and busiest activities in Pakistan. Salons, beauty parlors and clothing outlets are found in every street and corner. When it comes to textile and embroidery, it is one of the industries in which Pakistan excels. Rich embroidery with sequins, glasswork, thread, beads, shells and thin wire depicts the true eastern culture.n more

pakistani indian fashion History of Indian fashion

The first Indians lived in the Indus Valley civilization that flourished along the Indus River in modern-day Pakistan, from 2500 to 1600 B.C.E. The garments made in ancient India were woven of light fabric and wrapped around the body to create different styles. Read More

Pakistani society

Pakistani society 

Pakistani society is largely multilingual and multicultural. As a result, cultures differ so much that they may be more alien to each other than to foreign ones. However, over 50 years of integration, a distinctive “Pakistani” Culture has sprung up especially in the urban areas. Religious practices of various faiths are an integral part of everyday life in society. Education is highly regarded by members of every socio-economic stratum. The traditional family values are highly respected and considered sacred, although urban families have grown into a nuclear family system, owing to the socio-economic constraints imposed by the traditional joint family system.Read More

Lux 2006 awardsSony Ericsson Lux Style Awards 2006

Though still in its infancy, Lux style awards ( Sony Ericsson Lux Style Awards) has become the biggest awards show in Pakistan. This year, like previously, it is all set to showcase the acknowledged talent of the entertainment and fashion industry..More 

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