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Fashions In Pakistan

The fashion business is one of the most imaginative and busiest activities in Pakistan. Salons, beauty parlors and clothing outlets are found in every street and corner. When it comes to textile and embroidery, it is one of the industries in which Pakistan excels. Rich embroidery with sequins, glasswork, thread, beads, shells and thin wire depicts the true eastern culture. The seasonal cloth comes out in a variety of patterns and designs, usually worn mix and match, and for those who like to be different solid colors are adorned with block prints, screen-printing or are hand painted to add exclusivity. Fashion in Pakistan is not only restricted to the upper class but also maidservants and the shopkeepers have an aesthetic fashion sense. Weddings, events, festivals and parties are a display of the hottest trends. In Pakistan, fashion has evolved over time. As the society is moving close to advancement, more attention is being paid to the manner of dress and lifestyle. Here is a quick glance back in time to see how the nation has grown with its trends.

pakistani fashion - bell bottoms

The 60’s

The focus of the time was on fittings. Bell bottoms, hair pieces, narrow fitted shirts, narrow dupattas, heavy eye makeup for girls and side burns for men was order of the time. People in those times took influence from the actors whom they idealized.

The 70's

In 70’s the political times changed. Some people turned towards hippyism and some towards patriotism. Cotton came in vogue and people were seen in loose kurtas called Awami Suits and Saris.

pakistani fashion - 80's movies

The 80's

The 80’s emerged from the drabness of the 70’s and ushered in disco, glitz and glamour. People were indulged in their material instincts. In Pakistan, loose was “in” and tight was “out”. Glitter and glitz was trendy and simplicity took a back seat. People on streets emerged attired in sacks.

pakistani - old movies

The 90's

It was a time for the rival of our culture. Traditional costumes made a comeback. A lot of embroidery, gharara, Sheirwani and Paishwaz were seen. Everyone wanted to look sleek and thin.


pakistani fashion - 90's fashion

The New Millennium

The year 2000 came with a bang moving people towards hi-tech and fast-paced living. Now people in the cities, especially women, have become work oriented. They want to look good but have no time for frills and fancies. Therefore, the clothes too have become more streamlined and structured. The defined boundaries of eastern and western fashion have collapsed people wear no fuss Chinese trousers, cargo pants, iron easy cloth and manageable preferably short hair. Fusion is the call of this time.


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