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Starting a Home-Based Business

If your boss is not a likely partner, don’t despair. For every person who has made a fortune going into business with the company he or she worked for, there are tens or hundreds who have started profitable businesses on their own. The classic business start-up occurs at the kitchen table.
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A survey by Forbes magazine—itself owned by a billionaire—   revealed that 37 percent of the 400 richest Americans are unhappy.

• A British psychologist, Ronit Lami, has interviewed many affluent people who develop a bunker mentality to protect themselves from a world that “doesn’t understand.” She recently teamed up with the Allenbridge Group, a wealth management service, to give the firm’s clients advice on how to deal with the psychological effects of being seriously well off.
•      A 2001 study by American psychologists found that excessive wealth, particularly for people unaccustomed to it, can actually cause unhappiness.

• Camelot Group PLC, operator of the U.K. National Lottery, released the first ever major survey on the lives of lottery winners and found the following: 55 percent are happier after winning. 43 percent say winning had no effect on their happiness. 2 percent are less happy. In other words, almost half of the people who won the lottery are no happier than they were before!


Sort and Prioritize
Effective people plan their time in tight time segments. They think in terms of 10- and 15- minute blocks. They plan every day in detail, in advance. They make every minute count. As a result, they accomplish vastly more than the average person, and they feel much better about themselves.—Focal Point by Brian Tracy
(American Management
Association, 2001)
Norman Vincent Peale
“Too many people are defeated by the everyday problems of life. They go struggling, perhaps even whining, through their days with a sense of dull resentment at what they consider the “bad breaks” life has given them. In a sense, there may be such a thing as “the breaks” in this life, but there is also a spirit and method by which we can control and even determine those breaks. It is a pity that people should let themselves be defeated by problems, cares, and difficulties of human existence, and it is also quite unnecessary. . . . By learning how to cast (obstacles) from your mind, by refusing to become mentally subservient to them, and by channeling spiritual power through your thoughts, you can rise above obstacles which ordinarily might defeat you.

Find a loan lender Where Do I Find a Good Lender?

Before you get a good loan, you must get a good lender. These days they are everywhere. You can go to a single-source lender such as your bank or your credit union. Or a multiple-source lender such as a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker has the advantage because he or she solicits loans from a wide variety of lenders, including banks, insurance companies, and pools of investors. Often a mortgage broker can match you up with just the right lender for your needs.

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Too many of us wait to do the perfect thing, with the result we do nothing . . . we discover that those who have gone fearlessly on before, have . . . traveled a considerable distance. If you start now, you will know a lot next year that you don’t know now, and that you will not know next year, if you wait.            —The William Feather Magazine
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If you create a great advertising campaign and it fails, stop everything immediately and regroup. You may be tempted to throw good money after bad by testing other marketing ideas. ...”
            Don’t Throw Good Money after Bad
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