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Even if you have the best eye for the fashion and color and cleverest ideas for creating stylish new looks, the finished effect is more likey to be brash than beautiful if you do not know how to apply your makeup properly.. more..
"Pakistan's fashion models are slowly managing to crawl on to international catwalks and into overseas magazines. But hidden behind the kohl-rimmed eyes and the perfectly plastered smiles are women who are paying a heavy price for stepping into designer stilettos. "We remain a conservative society, for our religion imposes certain restrictions on us that continue to be respected by the vast majority of our people," she Amina Shafat. "Modelling is still associated with women of loose character and no matter what limits you try to impose on yourself, you inevitably end up being slotted in the same category. Read all about LUX Style Awards. .Also read about Karachi models vs. Lahore Models. more..
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This web site is about Pakistan women fashion, We talk about  desi new fashions, Pakistani fashion, we have links for you to create your own web site. You can find, what the latest computers are, learn the culture of sindhi women, Punjab women and other eastern culture of the women of Pakistan. Read article of, Lahore vs. Karachi modeling, Pakistan men, latest laptops, sindhi man, desi men, Pakistani man, sindhi girl, Pakistan girls, Pakistani girl, lahori girls, lahori boy. Find and install software to remove spyware. Learn and read about Pakistan and their people like, Faisalabad boys, girls, men, women, See pictures of lyallpur city Be in and go wireless. Paying to much interest, refinance home loan or go online shopping. Find more about Karachi fashion, bridal fashions, Pakistan bridal, Pakistani bridal, Pakistan groom. Get high speed internet. Find new ideas for shalwar kameez. Learn how to remove and block spam, spyware, pop ups, virus, designer brands. Listen Indian songs, Pakistani Urdu songs. Learn how to be in showbiz, advertisement, bollywood, visit mall road, anarkali shopping. Check out tips, tutorials. Low fairs on air line tickets and tips for Indian travel, Pakistan travel, Pakistan visit. download movie clips, music. Fashion tips of dos and don’ts. See interesting reviews on eastern culture. Cheap air fair deals on travel to Lahore city. Read about Pakistan religion and much more. If you don’t see what we have mentioned above, its mean that it is coming soon. We are constantly adding more and more stuff to this web side. Please add this page in your favorite folder and you will be happy to find this website. It will grow and change every day. Thank you for visiting and feel comfortable and check out all we have to offer.

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