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Mazda MX5 The power behind the performance

The torquey, lightweight Mazda MX-5 is always fun to drive. We pride ourselves on its lively performance. Powerful engines and our renowned short-stroke, snick-snick shift action transmissions feel - and sound - like a genuine sports car should.



The power behind the performance, mazda mx5

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Mazda mx5 sportsThe way a transmission behaves is central to the personality of a lightweight sports car. Here, you feel like the gear box is an extension of your own persona. Whatever you want it to do, it will - and then some! With its emphasis on linear control the Mazda MX-5 has a real fun-to-drive character. Five and six-speed manual transmissions work with minimum effort, giving maximum performance - and maximum driving pleasure, too. There's a similarly responsive feel to the six-speed manual transmission. Ergonomically designed shift strokes are deliberately short and direct, giving you that natural feel that's there in all true sports car driving.
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