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pakistani, Lexus LF-CLexus LF-C luxury sports coupe


The LF-C luxury sports coupe concept gives bold stylistic hints into the future of Lexus. From the outside, the LF-C strikes an aggressive pose with its broad stance and short overhangs, while the vehicle's interior echoes performance with drive-by-wire steering and Formula-One-inspired styling. Behind this gutsy coupe is of course, a high-output, front-mounted V8 engine with a six-speed sequential automatic transmission. More


pakistani, Mazda MX5Mazda MX5: The power behind the performance

You don't need to thrash a Mazda MX-5 to get a rousing performance. With our MZR-series engines, it's guaranteed. Listen to your Mazda MX-5. You can hear a reassuring growl, a lively deep-throated rumble that's found in all true sports cars. We've moved the engine closer to the centre of gravity. Not only does this give you greater pedal manipulation, it also means increased driving control. With both the 1.8 and 2.0-litre petrol engines, you get a torquey responsive drive. These were designed for on-road fun - something that's at the heart of everything we believe in. Read more

Pakistani Ferrari 360 ferrari-360-modena

Ferrari 360 is the name given to three models of Ferrari cars: the Ferrari 360 Modena, an enclosed two-door coupe; the Ferrari 360 Spider, a two-door convertible; and the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, the bare-bones version of the 360 Modena. The Ferrari 360 Modena has a 3.6 litre V8 engine producing 400bhp+ and accelerating from 0-62mph in 4.3 secs. All have eight-cylinder engines and aluminum chassis. more

Infiniti G35 Sedan Infiniti G37 Sedan

The G35's average 21 MPG is put to good use by an above-average 20-gallon tank. If you ignore the paranoid low-fuel light that sounds the alarm five gallons early (just like in Nissan's own Maxima), you can burn through 400 miles on all-freeway runs. more

Brabus Smart Forfour a Brabus concept car

ESSEN, Germany — A Brabus concept car, designed to showcase the potential of the Smart Forfour city car, made its debut late last week at the 2005 Essen Motor Show. The concept is outfitted for the track with a 210-horsepower turbo engine, 17-inch rims and rear roof wings. more

911 Turbo




Cadillac sixteen


Ford GT

Ford GR



 pakistani, Jaguar r-d6 Jaguar Concept Showcases Technology, Design

he R-D6 is formed of aluminum and other composite materials, and its minimal 3,300-pound structure allows capitalization of the 2.7-liter diesel powerplant within. Read more

Pakistani, Ford Bronco SUVFord Bronco concept SUV

Its power comes from a 2.0-liter, 16-valve intercooled turbo-diesel engine tucked under the hood. First introduced on the Ford Mondeo in Europe, this engine features common-rail fuel injection technology for greater injection precision, performance and torque, without sacrificing fuel economy. More

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Infiniti Triant Infiniti Triant

The Triant uses Nissan's tried-and-true VQ series, 3.5-liter V6 and offers a five-speed automatic transmission. While the Triant rides on 19-inch wheels, the suspension can be adjusted up to two inches.


Carrera GT





cooper sgp

Copper SGP

MS SuperAM
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