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Infiniti Triant

Infiniti Triant SUV

The Triant uses Nissan's tried-and-true VQ series, 3.5-liter V6 and offers a five-speed automatic transmission. While the Triant rides on 19-inch wheels, the suspension can be adjusted up to two inches.



Infiniti Triant

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Infiniti TriantThe Triant is intended mainly as a concept that "captures the spirit of Infinitiā€¦." The look is like that of a G35 Coupe with a case of Jolt Cola added. Overall the Triant seems redundant with the FX45 already in production. Several innovative features which may make it into future Nissan and Infiniti cars include headlights that turn with the car (didn't the Tucker have this feature over 50 years ago?), gullwing doors with sensors (so they won't bump into stuff), slightly reconfigurable interior and voice-activated cockpit systems. Seats are mounted on small shock absorbers and are made of a carbon-fiber shell.
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