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Smart Forfour a Brabus concept car

ESSEN, Germany — A Brabus concept car, designed to showcase the potential of the Smart Forfour city car, made its debut late last week at the 2005 Essen Motor Show. The concept is outfitted for the track with a 210-horsepower turbo engine, 17-inch rims and rear roof wings.



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Pakistani, Ferrari 360 modena sportsGerman tuning house Brabus has been taking stock Smarts and turning up their temperature since 2002. The latest hotted-up Smart, the Forfour Brabus, makes its debut in Geneva in March. Take a quick glance at the Forfour Brabus and you could be forgiven for failing to spot its hot hatch intentions. In a statement, DaimlerChrysler said, "This does not mean that a racing version of the Smart Forfour is soon to be launched in the market."


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