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Evidence from the earliest Indus Valley civilizations, which flourished along the Indus River in modern-day Pakistani culture and which date back to 2500 B.C.E., indicates that early Pakistani women adorned themselves from head to toe with many varied ornaments. Although traditions have changed over the thousands of years since the beginning of Indian culture, jewelry remains an integral part of religious, regional, and social life in Pakistan women. Read more..

Pakistan's fashion models are slowly managing to crawl on to international catwalks and into overseas magazines. But hidden behind the kohl-rimmed eyes and the perfectly plastered smiles are women who are paying a heavy price for stepping into designer stilettos. "We remain a conservative society, for our religion imposes certain restrictions on us that continue to be respected by the vast majority of our people," she Amina Shafat. "Modeling is still associated with women of loose character and no matter what limits you try to impose on yourself, you inevitably end up being slotted in the same category. Read all about LUX Style Awards. .Also read about Karachi models vs. Lahore Models. Read more..

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Read all about fashion world.What is In and what is out.Dos and Donts. Slide shows and pictures of hot models. Read all about LUX Style Awards 2006,Latest news & gupshup Read more...

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Find a quiet place as far as possible, where the air is pure and the surroundings soothing and pleasant. After a bath or a thorough rubbing of the body from top to toe, with a wet towel, on an empty stomach, take this exercise: Read more

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Saturday, November 9, 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2013 at Crocus City Hall, a large concert hall in Moscow. She is a TV host by profession A total of 87 young women competed for the title and it is Miss Venezuela who won. Aerosmith singer was member of the jury who selected Gabriela Isler as Miss Universe 2013. Last year's Miss Universe Olivia Culpo crowned her for the Miss Universe.Read more

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Karachi Fashion Week

The 4th Karachi Fashion Week 2013 was by a Invitation only event. Including known Pakistani fashion designers and retail houses, it had a good number fresh talent. It was a great platform for pakistani fashion designers to present their art on a limelight filled stage.Read More

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Pakistani culture and society is largely multilingual and multicultural for example there is Punjabi , sindhi, Balochi, pashto and many local cultures. As a result, cultures differ so much that they may be more alien to each other than to foreign ones. However, over 65 years of iof living togather has bring Pakistan to a time where every one is accepting every one with respect and dignity. Religious sects of different faiths are living togather. Education is highly desired by members of every socio-economic stratum.The traditional family values are very impoetant and considered sacred, although urban families have grown into a nuclear family system, owing to the socio-economic constraints imposed by the traditional joint family system. Read more ...

Pakistan male Fashion How To Spot a Liar

How can we spot the lies we’re told, both the little white ones that don’t matter a whole lot and the real whoppers that do? Try these compelling tips from the experts. Ever notice the pitch of someone’s voice change from its norm? Hear a voice crack when it isn’t the cracking type? Pay attention to voice changes like these; they may well indicate deceit.
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Pakistani - Miss Universe 2013

Miss Universe

Los Angeles, California, July 23, 2006 - This evening, during one of the year's most exciting live television events, a star-studded panel of judges chose 18-year-old Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico, as MISS UNIVERSE® 2006.
First Runner Up: Kurara Chibana, Miss Japan will assume the duties of MISS UNIVERSE 2006 if the titleholder for some reason cannot fulfill her responsibilities.
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A picture is worth thousand words so we feel no need to explain this collection, just see them your self. more

Pakistani fashion - fast cars
Beautiful and fast cars

Here you can see lots of fast cool cars. We have Bugatti Veyron, Enzo Ferrari, Porshe GT and every other fast car.This web site has lots of free car pictures.Read More

Pakistani women fashion - Kirsty Gallacher
Beautiful women Pictures

Despite being "awful", Sky gave her a job, not in front of the camera, but behind, Sky felt she was a bit too young at the time [she was 22]. She says they then "chucked me in at the deep-end". She's a graduate of the London College of Fashion, she wanted to be a fashion journalist but fate stepped in...Read more

pakistani women foot care
Pain magement

When you massage the thousands of nerve endings in the foot, you can feel relaxation throughout your body. Regular massage keeps the foot flexible and healthy. Follow these easy steps to give your feet a treat: Just as our psyches need regular doses of tender loving care, so do our feet. Yet people tend to neglect this part of the anatomy... Read more

Indian Pakistani fashion website Favorite Sandwiches Recipes

According to Wikipidia pages, in the UK, particularly in the north of England sandwiches are known, informally, as 'butties' or 'sarnies'. This is particularly the case with sandwiches including freshly-cooked bacon and butter, though other forms of 'butty' use other ingredients and mayonnaise. A sandwich filled with chips (US: french fries) is known as a 'chip butty'. In Britain roughly 1.8 billion sandwiches are purchased outside the home every year. In French countries one might see this referred to as un Belge: a Belgian (sandwich). In Scotland, sandwiches are called 'pieces'. One Australian slang term for sandwich is 'sanger' (or 'sanga'). In South Africa sandwiches are sometimes called 'sarmies' or for Afrikaans speakers, 'toebroodjies'. Now get recipes

diabetes - pakistani women issues
Diabetic kidney disease

The kidneys have many tasks and functions to fulfil. Amongst other things, they clear the blood of waste products that arise from the metabolic processes of various cell types.
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Pakistani fashion - coreldraw tips
CorelDraw Tips and Tricks

CorelDRAW lets you create Web-enabled objects for optimum viewing in browsers..Read More.

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